Runs natively on Linux and Windows Server

Not the same as using Virtual Machines

Key benefits to web developers:

  • Accelerate developer onboarding
  • Simplify working with multiple apps
  • Consistency between envs.
  • ship faster

Quick Start

  1. Clone a repo

    docker run --name repo alpine/git clone

  2. Build the image:

    cd getting-started docker build -t docker101tutorial .

  3. Run the container

    docker run -d -p 80:80 --name docker -tutorial docker101tutorial

  4. Save and push the image

    docker tag docker101tutorial ffflora j/docker101tutorial

    docker push fffloraj/docker101tutori

Key Docker Machine Commands

Docker-machine ls
Docker-machine starts [machine name]
Docker-machine stop  [machine name]
Docker-machine env  [machine name]
Docker-machine ip  [machine name]

Key Docker Client Commands

docker pull [image name]
docker run [image name]
docker images
docker ps // only shows running containers
docker ps -a // shows all containers
docker rm 598f // delete container with first few id charac
docker rmi 987s // delete image with first few id charac